Saturday, May 7, 2011

Accomplishments & A short love letter to the Internet

My mood in a gif:

 I don't know if words can do justice to how I'm feeling right now, but I am positively GIDDY with excitement. In case you don't know, Pink Lightning is my DREAM. It is my baby, Pink Lightning is my little clothing business. I have a website up and an Etsy. These things are positively meaningless. I've had a website before, and I've had an etsy account for ages. But you wanna know what is positively thrilling?! What makes this week different than last week? I now have customers! Squee! There are three people out there in the universe that like my sewing skills enough to have me make something for them. Ok, granted all three of those people are people I know personally (two are coworkers and the third is a close friend), but a girl has to start somewhere right?
Anywho, this is just the start. I want to get way more pieces on to the site and then I'm going to start marketing like a maniac. I'm hysterically excited, but I also have this weird panicky feeling in my chest. A tiny voice saying: 
"This is too risky. This is a waste of time. You'll look like a fool when you fail." 
I know that tiny voice is an idiot, but now and then that tiny voice has me quivering in my scuffed up combat boots.  So many times in the past I have given in to that little voice. It's held me back for so many years. But over the past year I have managed to find the confidence in myself and in my work to defeat it. But you know what helps so much? Knowing that my friends believe in me and want to see me succeed. And not just my “IRL” friends either. I use "IRL" for lack of a better term. Anyone reading this is as much of an in real life friend as anyone I've ever met in person. All you cool cats and kittens in the blogosphere, on tumblr, on facebook who have complimented the stuff I have made, you have no clue how much that makes my day. You don't know how many times I've wanted to give in and just let life lead me where it may, but a small off hand comment like "That's cute" or "Cool!" can turn things around for me. I've discovered the art of having confidence in myself, but sometimes I fall short. But you guys... *sniffle* you guys always bring me back to the top.
I don't have many vices, but the internet is definitely one of them. I certainly check my email too many times a day, and I've spent many an evening glued to Tumblr. But the internet has done for me something that no other vice could, it has connected me to some of the best people in the world. I know there are so many more of you out there, and I can't wait to meet you!

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